Our Story

Why we love to paint.

There’s a science to color. There’s a magic to it, too. Most of us who work at PPG are here for both reasons. We’re proud of how our coatings protect and beautify everything from the side of a barn to the paint on a car. We’re equally as proud of how the right colors, chosen by the right expert, can transform the way people think and feel about their surroundings and experiences. That’s the inspiration behind the Colorful Communities program.
Each Colorful Communities project is a mix of four essential ingredients: a community need, a local partner, passionate PPG employees and PPG products. When these elements come together in the right way, something magical happens. A neglected park becomes a safe, cheerful center for community pride. A drab playground wall is transformed into a canvas for students’ love of learning. A cold, institutional hospital ward takes on new warmth and comfort.


We begin with a colorful inspiration.

Wherever we operate around the world, there are schools, hospitals and local organizations that provide essential support and services to our communities. They help care for senior citizens and the homeless; they educate children; and they provide the needed medical care to keep communities safe and protected. Seeing how many of these organizations are lacking resources and in need, we were inspired to help them in a unique way – through the passion of our employee volunteers and by putting our products to work. With this inspiration the Colorful Communities program took shape in 2015.

We thrive on the passion of employee volunteers.

Involved and committed employee volunteers are critical to making the Colorful Communities program a success. For employees, each project is an opportunity to work alongside their colleagues, to serve as community ambassadors, and to see first-hand the people impacted by these projects. And for the community, the expertise in color and coatings technology shared by our employees adds quality, creates value and helps make each project a true source of community pride.

A ten-year commitment to brighter futures.

As we continue our ten-year commitment to the Colorful Communities program, we plan on bringing our brushes, our passion and our colorful commitment to the entire PPG footprint, helping to create brighter surfaces and brighter futures for the communities we call home. We measure the impact of these projects in numbers of volunteer hours spent, gallons of paint used and numbers of communities reached. But that’s not what keeps us going. It’s the smiles we see, the warmth we encounter and the pride we share in the magic only color can create.

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